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Did you know improving your posture can improve your productivity?

If you have an office job, there are days you have likely stood up for lunch feeling stiff and a little lethargic. And then there’s going home. You stand up and you momentarily struggle to walk because you’re so uncomfortable. If you can relate to this, you’re probably feeling the side of effects of having […]

4 Tips to Help You Go Back to Sleep. Has lockdown negatively impacted your sleep schedule?

There you are – in the dark – with eyes wide open, struggling to get back to sleep. Anyone who’s experienced significant bouts of sleeplessness knows the havoc this can wreak on our energy, mood, and cognition. To help, we’ve pulled together the best tips on how to fall back asleep. 1. Don’t look at […]

Heading Back to the Course: Prevent knee injury and knee pain.

knee injury

When working out, playing golf and exercising, our knees are often put under a lot of strain. Having knee pain/injury can be very aggravating at the very least and debilitating at worst! There are steps that you can take to protect against it, and in some cases you can avoid it altogether. Keep reading to […]