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Brand new KYMIRA Ambassador interview: Sam Robinson! The highs and lows of injury in a 15-year career

Sam Robinson on Course

This past week I had the opportunity to speak to KYMIRA’s latest ambassador in sport; professional golfer Sam Robinson. We spoke about his career and plans, and how KYMIRA intertwine with their eagerness to keep golfing at a higher and higher level. Between the COVID situation and the injuries sustained over many years, Sam Robinson offered some great insight into the determined mindset and adaptable outlook that allows sportsmen and women to do great things. Similarly to a recent interview with Darren Stevens, Sam showed a casual but relentless drive for the sport and the KYMIRA gear that is helping him continue it…

Keeping cool, calm, collected. The 5 best ways to keep golfing through the UK weather block!

Shows the UK Weather Block Type that the article is about

You might think dryer weather creates the perfect conditions for a session and you’d be partly right, but if you don’t take precautions to look after your temperature then you’ll end up shooting yourself in the foot by hurrying out during this forecast UK weather block we are going to have. So what is this dry weather, why do we need to work around it as golfers, and how do we do that?

The 4 Best-in-England Charity Golf Events to Get Involved With

Logos from charities running charity golf events

Golf is an individual sport, one of focus and pace and measure. However, underneath that it still holds a huge social importance to golfers. Between the club members you practice with, or tough it out against, right up to professional players bantering about Tours. Families can get involved, friends can be made and drinks can […]

11 questions with Darren Stevens! How time and KYMIRA technology have changed training for the better

A Young Darren Stevens, the interviewee

Darren Stevens is a veteran of physical maintenance and has been taking his training seriously enough that he wants it to continue into his older years. In fact, his workouts have earned him a place as one of the 5 Wisden Cricketers of the year! At 45, this makes him the eldest player to receive such an honour since 1933! He continues to perform at the very top of the domestic game, long after many of his contemporaries retired. His recent 190 run knock is a testament to his ability to thrive against players literally half his age!

Muscle Strains Overworked through the Golf Swing and how to relieve them. The best pick of Golf Injury Prevention Products to keep you in the game!

The statistics speak for themselves to anyone willing to listen. With big hitters being affected by physical and muscular strains so severe they have to Out from tournaments it is vital that all golfers of every level take the evidence seriously! Golf is a workout, a taxing game that even at its most casual is […]

Did you know improving your posture can improve your productivity?

If you have an office job, there are days you have likely stood up for lunch feeling stiff and a little lethargic. And then there’s going home. You stand up and you momentarily struggle to walk because you’re so uncomfortable. If you can relate to this, you’re probably feeling the side of effects of having […]

4 Tips to Help You Go Back to Sleep. Has lockdown negatively impacted your sleep schedule?

There you are – in the dark – with eyes wide open, struggling to get back to sleep. Anyone who’s experienced significant bouts of sleeplessness knows the havoc this can wreak on our energy, mood, and cognition. To help, we’ve pulled together the best tips on how to fall back asleep. 1. Don’t look at […]