Did you know improving your posture can improve your productivity?

If you have an office job, there are days you have likely stood up for lunch feeling stiff and a little lethargic. And then there’s going home. You stand up and you momentarily struggle to walk because you’re so uncomfortable. If you can relate to this, you’re probably feeling the side of effects of having […]

4 Tips to Help You Go Back to Sleep. Has lockdown negatively impacted your sleep schedule?

There you are – in the dark – with eyes wide open, struggling to get back to sleep. Anyone who’s experienced significant bouts of sleeplessness knows the havoc this can wreak on our energy, mood, and cognition. To help, we’ve pulled together the best tips on how to fall back asleep. 1. Don’t look at […]

What’s the difference between Infrared Activewear vs Compression Activewear ?

Recovery Clothing

The Deep Dive When it comes to performance and recovery clothing, infrared and compression garments are often lumped into the same category, but that’s not quite right – they’re very different technologies that offer a unique set of benefits to the user. KYMIRA Golf make both types of garments, but they’re not one and the […]

How to come out of Lockdown 3.0 a better golfer #4

Rory Better Golfer

BY HUGO DEMAYA / SCRATCH GOLFER Workouts, Stretching & Increasing Mobility Yes we are still in lockdown but don’t get bogged down, the roll out of the vaccine seems to be going successfully and Spring Golf doesn’t seem like such a fairytale anymore. Unless you’ve been exercising regularly, which let’s face it most of us […]

A Deep Dive into Thermoregulation


Optimise your Body Temperature out on the Golf Course The winter golf season in the UK presents a vastly different set of challenges to those at other times of the year. Apart from the unideal conditions and psychological impacts that negatively affect performance, there’s also the increased likelihood of injury due to reduced blood flow […]

KYMIRA Golf partners with MY TPI

KYMIRA Golf smart garments have joined the MY TPI Alliance network supporting the best golf physios from around the world. TPI is the world’s leading educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. Since its inception in 2003, TPI has studied thousands of golfers ranging […]