We are a team of former professional athletes on a quest to find the best products for sportsmen, to build a range of and for the best. Admittedly, sometimes we don’t find that special product we are looking for; in that instance we design and create our own, we are innovators of the highest quality, natural born creatives on a mission to help our customers perform better or enjoy their sport more.

We know that the key to a good game is a clear mind and strong mental approach. Sounds so simple but not so easy in practice. We bring you a collection of well designed, smart products to help remove distraction and instil confidence, products to help you perform better, recover quicker, alleviate pain and reduce the chances of injury.

Since golf was invented, new technologies have always presented themselves to provide improved performance and greater enjoyment from playing the game. Throughout the twentieth century, advances were centered around equipment. Steel, then graphite shafts; Sarazen’s sand wedge; Karsten’s perimeter- weighted putter; steel, then titanium, then carbon graphite driver heads, solid core golf balls. The list is endless, but they all served to push the boundaries.
Today, we are seeing industry-leading; game-changing; style-setting advancements in our diets, our conditioning, and the apparel we wear – all engineered to bring out the best in our games. Sit back and let us bring them to you through iGo Sports, the hub of innovation for professional and amateur athletes.