Golfing Gadgets We Can’t Get Enough Of!

A tool for every part of your game

Golfing is a unique sport, and a unique workout. You have to step up your endurance and concentration, but also temper that with a calmness and confidence you can’t just conjure from nowhere. It’s this setting that makes golf so taxing and difficult to access for many. Even worse are the times when a promising golfer hits a ceiling in their ability because they are so engrossed in the power of the swing, or the wind-control, or the muscle training, that they forget to account for one of the other 50 things a golfer has to keep for quick-access in their minds.

This is where golfing gadgets can step in and not only give golfers access to information and statistics that they never would have alone, but also push the player to improve every step of the way with no lapses in other areas. It is a hard task, sometimes when I manage to nail my draw in Archery I find my breathing was completely out. In Archery we’d use a Clicker gadget to solve that, and it’s no different in golf where gadgets and real technological marvels can combine to make golf that much more engaged and complete as an experience.

What can Gadgets do that I can’t?

This is a common query I’d like to address before moving on to the tech itself, and it’s a perfectly valid question. With sport and work-outs it can be easy to assume we are the sole diviners of our own progress, and to some degree that is true. An app can tell you how fast your heart is beating but it can’t make you able to fit in an extra rep. That is, as I said, an assumption. In fact, gadgets and data can improve us on such a base level that we actually could never have done ourselves because we are simply unable to know such detailed statistics without technology. Things like ball speed, swing angle, and optimal club distances are all pieces of quantifiable data that players are able to estimate or learn, but never *equate*. Gadgets can solve that. Things like muscle strain, temperature management and sun exposure are things that might get left to the wayside as the game takes hold. Gadgets can solve that. There’s a cycle shown by our prime product that really nails this collaboration between golfing skill in its purest form while still incorporating real science and tech into the solution.

Enter KYMIRA Golf:

KYMIRA Golf have been on a warpath towards the golf scene for a while now, and in that time have excited us with the combination of form and function. Looking good is one thing, but looking good while being bolstered by scientific research built into the fibers of your sportswear? KYMIRA really hit the nail on the head.

Do Golf Clothes Actually Work? (These Ones Do)

What might look like simple ¼ zips (Albeit very nice looking ones, admittedly) are actually also technological and medical boundary-pushers. KYMIRA has incorporated its unique KYnergy system into the production of the sportswear. This system involves a combination of infrared technology, tight but comfortable designs that maximize flexibility and support, and increased blood circulation and oxygenation. These aspects of a player’s experience are all vital, and as we will see as we dive into more tech, every individual area a golfer has to be mindful of can be covered by additions like KYMIRA.

KYMIRA Golf wellbeing cycle

KYMIRA even recognise the importance of that complete experience, that cycle. You know that golf is more than just hitting a ball, and so do KYMIRA. The clothing respects every aspect of the sport and the workout, keeping you safe and comfortable as you perfect your play. Small changes to these physical aspects of your preparation add up to make a huge difference to your ability as you are able to stay stronger for longer, even in situations I’d describe as “Too bloody hot” thanks to the SPF 35+ rating KYMIRA gear has.

KYMIRA are rated for Nitric Oxide Production, Increased Circulation, Increased Respiration Efficiency, Increased Tissue Oxygen Levels, Muscle and Joint Ache Relief, Energy Production, Muscle Relaxation, Thermoregulation, SPF and Antimicrobial control. They really are medical devices as much as apparel.

KYMIRA Infrared products for your Golf sessions can be found exclusively on IGOSports and will become a constant addition to your game once you try them! My favourite thing about all these gadgets is how non-intrusive they are. It’s actually possible to create a set-up that uses ALL of the gadgets here!

Why Golf Swing Angle Is Important

Once again let’s start with an easy question, and see how a new gadget can help us re-evaluate its importance. Swing angle is a key, some would argue *the* key part of a swing. Your arms straighten, your legs seem to flow downwards rooting to the ground but also upwards to support your frame, keeping you readied and stable. You time your breathing and you raise your club. Even if you stood perfectly and had an ideal heart rate and kept your eyes focused it could all go wrong if your wrist plays up or your shoulder twists or you miscalculate the contact spot. Swing Angle affects everything in the shot, from standing up to the Tee to the very final moment of your Follow-through. Every moment the club is held its angle and momentum is vital to the golfer.
See what I mean about not physically being able to hold all this info?
That’s where humans have this incredible ability called Muscle Memory. To help you establish pitch-perfect muscle memory is the Swing Plate!

How Can I Change My Golf Swing Angle?

You can adjust your swing angle with Swing Plate, a gadget loved for its technical simplicity but utility that makes it a perfect addition to any golfer’s set-up. You can have swung 50 perfect shots in a row, but if the next day you will lose that angle, or be unable to switch back to a different one for a new club, it was all in vain. The Swing Plate adds quite literal guidelines for your swing, which can be as intrusive as you choose. For example, you can use them as a template for your backswing entirely, ensuring you have your club raised to the correct angle at the correct height. For more confident players you can use the Swing Plate as a precise mark for the start of your follow-through.
With every part of the swing being vital the Swing Plates adaptability is what sets it apart. Once you have used it to engrain the backswing you can use it to set up your follow-through, and even then you can use the Swing Plate to adjust precise angles or contact points. Also, as the Swing Plate is a baseplate with attachments, you can use it on any club for any shot you will need.

A simple, cheap golf aid

The Swing Plate is a golf aid that helps every part of your swing from backswing to Follow-through. Using simple rods and physical, by-hand adjustments the Plate can suit any player with no added fuss or technology. We spoke earlier about player skill and execution is vital, and I think the Swing Plate embodies that best. The gadget isn’t trying to take over for you or give you mathematical data to analyse, it is simply a tool that you as a player can utilise in a number of really productive ways. This player control is vital to golf, in my opinion, and makes the Swing Plate a great addition to a golfer who doesn’t want to commit to something like an app or camera set-up. The fact the Swing Plate can give you feedback and tactile guides on your swing without trackers and cameras and such is a testament to its simple design and effective production.

Can you carry a Swing Trainer in your bag?

The Swing Plate is a small baseplate with a number of rods to attach, meaning it is extremely portable. The set-up being done easily by hand means you can pack away and re-assemble the device wherever you need.

In fact, every gadget in this list can be taken everywhere you’ll ever swing and can all be found in one place on IGOSports.

How Technology is Changing Golf

So far both products have helped hone your game in practical, tangible ways. While the next two gadgets certainly have drastic effects on play, they are more focused on giving you the most detailed analysis and information possible for a golfer to have. They provide so much information presented in such an accessible way that they almost train you on their own! This accessibility means any golfer can excel and manage their own golf career. With players like Brooks Koepka starting to “act-out” and interfere with what golf is, the integrity of the sport is vital. Technology is the best way to improve, master and maintain golf while still allowing the player element to live and thrive. The sport will not undergo some new genesis, but will be vastly amplified by tech like this.

What is Arccos Tracking?

Arccos Tracking enables in-club swing data as well as mapping and analytics of entire courses. Arccos have shown excellence in precision digital technology. While things like Laser-pointer Rangefinders are relatively common practice among golfers, Arccos manages to advance the idea to what seems to be its limit!

Imagine the map systems used in the countless Golf videogames and mini-games (Seriously, golf is hugely popular in video games). At the press of a button you have a birds-eye view of the course, complete with your location marked and the suggested club and swing to use. You’re given this info because the world is simulated so it’s not a problem to simply zoom out and in. In real life that’s a bit harder without a drone (Which above a golf course is not a grand idea if you want the drone to survive).

Arccos takes this freedom that digital versions of golf can achieve and puts it in the palm of your hand. Honestly, the tech is quite astounding. I know nowadays we can see our delivery drivers in real-time after we’ve ordered but that seems a pittance compared to the sheer effort of uploading GPS data on hundreds of golf courses and mapping an AI over those courses that can aid real-life, real-world golfers. You can be standing in a real course and see exactly how far that treeline extends, or how steep that rough really is when it meets the fairway. Information is the keyword here, and you’ll have plenty.

An Easy To Use Golf App

Arccos tracking provides a gamified map that runs an AI to deliver incredible info, it also presents that information in an easy-to-understand way. I think it’s that gamification that is really going to make this a hit at your golf club as you can access and share tips and trick the human eye might miss. The accuracy of the information has been compared to using your own Laser Rangefinder, which is a huge endorsement of how accurate GPS data can be. You can select a place on the course and see your distance to it and suggested club distances that match which again is a level of precision I would expect from a dedicated device that you manually aim, not a prefabricated app. Not to mention Rangefinders can cost upwards of £70 on their own, which seems ridiculous after seeing what GPS is capable of now.

The fact you are provided so much aid means you as a golfer will exceed your own expectations, and learn to incorporate the thinking and planning the app encourages into your own game. It’s like Steve Bosdosh said, “I’ve never met a golfer who wanted to get worse.” The only way is up and your path to a higher level of play is going to be an easier and more enjoyable one with a tool like Arccos.

An all-inclusive Golfing App

Arccos tracking has been shown to map courses accurately and dynamically for players, complete with suggestions. However, Across also applies its technology in the second-to-second execution of those shots. Arccos uses trackers that insert into the ends of your clubs, adding a level of tracking that can collaborate with the GPS data and the AI in the app to provide instant feedback on your swings. With all this monitoring it is unsurprising that the system also tracks handicap and general player ability on each course too, as well as lifetime statistics. If you want a single product that covers as many areas of the game as possible, the Arccos Trackers do a great job at looking at both the individual strokes but also the long-term course plan. I would advise still using clothing and equipment that enhances your physical ability, as the trackers can only help with swings and course layouts and such rather than providing a work-out themselves. The more information you can get about your own strokes the more you are able to apply yourself to what really matters *to you*. I’ve said it before but these gadgets really shine in their player-to-player dynamism and adaptability, so much so that I don’t think anyone wouldn’t have a part of their game elevated by them.

The Best Watch for the Serious Golfer

Okay, it’s a watch. But any golfer, or even simply any man worth their salt knows how important the impression and function of a watch is. Watch technology has always been the pinnacle blend of form and function, with even a simple watch being a complex and beautiful thing. Well, the future is here and watches have led the charge again into blending technology, style, and real results for sportsmen and women. Imagine knowing what heartrate you take your best shots at, or noticing that certain swing angles play with your workout in a way you didn’t expect. The Samsung Active 2 gives you that data.

Similar to the Arccos app, the Galaxy Watch can send information to your phone. This means that during a course you have the stats right there at your fingertips. There’s no doubting or uncertainty with this setup, if something goes wrong you can identify what and snuff the weakness out. The watch gives you the respect you deserve out on the course, treating the game as a workout in its own right and giving you information based on things like heart rate and blood pressure. If your workout is lacking in an area you can make up for it because you have the opportunity to learn from what your body is telling you on a fundamental level.

Another similarity to Arccos and proof that these devices pair fabulously is the more advanced GPS technology that the Galaxy Active 2 uses. With the revelation that GPS tech can be almost as accurate as laser-painting, the Galaxy Active 2 has definitely chosen the right areas to focus on.

Just like the Swing Plate, KYMIRA gear and Arccos trackers, the Galaxy Active 2 is a device you can take to anywhere you’ll want to golf. Portability and adaptability are the two most important features of golf gear after accuracy and every gadget here excels at all 3. The fact you could benefit from all these aids without them interfering or intruding on your game and on each other is a testament to the dedication of the teams from KYMIRA and others. This isn’t just equipment; this is bespoke golfing gear.

The Best Massage Gun For Golfers

You know how much golf uses the body and that’s why the Mini Pulseroll is so vital to golf specifically. It can follow you everywhere and still work out knots and aches anywhere your body needs it. Whether you’ve strained your back too much focussing on your swing angle or your legs are going after a particularly hilly course, the Pulseroll has the means to bash your muscles into shape. It sounds simple because it is, and that’s why it is the top-rated Mini Massager with Carry Case for Women’s Health and best for Runners/Gym in Men’s Health.

You already know the muscles get used and physical therapy in terms of massage and gym routines can help, but you might not realise just how much difference these routines make to your body. Using a Massage Gun is superior to going gadget-less as the force behind the Massage Gun is not able to be met by a traditional massage. The Massage Gun packs a big punch but in a way that obliterates knots and quickly resets your muscles to a comfortable strong foundation after exercise. The Gun can reach far deeper tissue than going without and therefore relieve more tension. Just one or two minutes on a muscle group will completely reinvigorate and begin the recovery process!

We don’t reckon you’ll look as dignified as this user, but the effects will be identical!

Not only does the force exerted surpass a manual massage, but the efficiency is also higher. The Mini in particular is able to cover any muscle group on the body, and obviously can target only one if you need to. The use is in full control over their routine and treatment, meaning you can really take responsibility for your health and get your body to give its best performance every session. There’s something I deeply appreciate about the simple idea of “Slap the muscles very hard, very fast” but it works, and it works in all the right ways for the right reasons. Being able to take this thing anywhere you need makes it a golfer’s top choice.

The best thing about Golf Training Aids:

We’ve spoken a lot about different gadgets covering every area of golf here, but I’d like to wrap up by getting to the heart of these products. You’re the one with all the control in these situations which is what I love most about solo sports in general. An app can give you the best information but it’s always down to you to get out there and perform and improve. That drive is only bolstered by the gadgets in this line-up, and I can already hear some of you planning to test the limits of these bits of kit. They’ll not only keep up with you, but get you further (And in fewer swings!) than you would have without the incredible support they give.

Remember, these gadgets cover vital areas of play that really shouldn’t be ignored. If I practiced putting for 50 years I’ll never be a good golfer, because golf is about adaptability and variation. You don’t have to be good at one thing to be good at golf, you have to be good at 50. All these pulls on your muscles, your mind, your time and your physical restrictions in terms of muscle memory and data analysis are solved by gadgets like this. With the KYMIRA infrared gear keeping you comfortable and safe while leaving you free and flexible to hit the exact angle you need on your Swing Plate, leading to an insane shot tracked by Arccos Tracking that lands exactly where you needed, when you can then head over to your ball with the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 tracking your work-out every step of the way and the Mini-Pulseroll waiting for a quick recovery if you need it…well, I can’t think of a better way to practice.

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