How to come out of Lockdown 3.0 a better golfer #3

Better Golfer


We’re back with some more tips and ideas on how to improve your golf game during lockdown 3.0 and become a better golfer.

Today we’ll be speaking with scratch Golfer, Hugo Demaya about how you can work on perfecting your swing at home.


You’ll need a swing net in your garden or garage to work on complete the drills below.

Sure, there are limitations to hitting into a net, but even if you can’t see the ball-flight, you know if you hit it solid or not.

Getting in more reps of simply working on solid contact rather than always worrying about the ball flight can actually really help. So simply practice hitting the sweet spot every time – build the muscle memory so you know what the middle of the club feels like

If you want to take your home practice to the next level, a decent home launch monitor is going to make a big difference.

Adding a launch monitor to your setup will allow you to see approximate distances as well as supplementary stats like ball speed, swing speed, launch angle, smash factor, and many more.

Best selection of Golf Launch Monitor

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But if you want to avoid the expense, here are some drills you can do to improve your swing.


Don’t you hate flushing an iron…30 yards left? Ever wondered why this happens?

It’s quite simple, you’re not aiming at the target correctly.

For this drill, you’ll need a golf ball and a couple of clubs. Start by placing the ball at your feet and take the normal golf stance. Place the extra club in line with the tips of your shoes. Take one step back to determine if the second club has been pointed directly at your target.

You can either use a golf club or alignement sticks for this drill.

Click on the link to find some alignement sticks for your training : HERE

The idea behind this drill is to gain a better understanding of where you’re aiming and where you need to hit the ball. With practice, your brain and eyes will match up, allowing you to properly aim at a target.


Learning what your swing really looks like, the best way to accomplish that is by recording your swing.

This takes a little more preparation and planning than just setting up a mirror, but it can be much more valuable. One of the limitations to using a mirror is that you have to be looking at the mirror while you are swinging. So while it is great for getting instant feedback on how certain swing positions feel, you can’t really see how your entire swing looks without using a camera.

Take your partner or buddy to the range and ask them to film your swing. Don’t be shy!


You might think that improving your grip is just a matter of changing it once and being done with it. However, you’ll find that over time, you’ll have a tendency to revert back to the old grip that you are more comfortable with. So changing your grip actually takes practice.

So if you want to make changes, you can benefit significantly from taking the time to grip the club the way you want and then making practice swings with it. Periodically re-check your grip to ensure that it still looks the way you want.


There are specific things you can work on to improve your swing speed without even having to hit a golf ball. These are easy to do in your backyard, garage, or even in the house if you have the room.

There are generally two ways to improve your speed. Heavier clubs and lighter clubs.

The heavier clubs will help you build more strength in your swing. One of the easiest ways to add weight to the club is to simply swing your driver with the headcover on. It’s a good idea to wrap a rubber band or something around it from preventing it from flying off, but that’s all the added weight you need.

Then grab something real light. A shaft without a club head works well. The lack of resistance and light weight will train your body to speed up and activate those fast twitch muscles.

Like Bryson, learn how to swing faster.

Let us know how you get on @igosportsglobal.

And remember Great Golfers are made in Winter

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