How to come out of Lockdown 3.0 a better golfer #4

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Workouts, Stretching & Increasing Mobility

Yes we are still in lockdown but don’t get bogged down, the roll out of the vaccine seems to be going successfully and Spring Golf doesn’t seem like such a fairytale anymore.

Unless you’ve been exercising regularly, which let’s face it most of us havent, the chances are that your hamstrings have tightened up which is going to have a negative impact on your back mobility.

Swinging the club with a tight back is no fun so we’ve put together 5 exercises and stretches + one product recommendation that will help increase back mobility and improve your fitness levels for your return to best sport in the world.


Squat exercises will help you work on your mobility, stability and strength. You are primarily working your front leg, so keep your weight over the middle of your front feet. The narrow stance will reduce your base of support and challenge your stability.


Push-ups are extremely beneficial to your overall strength and to your golf swing. To set up correctly for a push-up, place your hands beneath your shoulders and your feet shoulder-width apart. Then squeeze your core and go to the top of a plank.


The twisting of the lower body helps stretch the muscles and the lower back. This simulates the torque put on the hip region at the top of the backswing and the during the follow-through.

How to do it: Lie face-up on the ground with your arms to your sides, your knees bent, feet wider than shoulder-width apart, heels on the ground. Now twist your bent legs to the left until they reach the ground, then twist them to the right. Continue alternating sides while keeping your shoulders on the ground and your abs tight.

More Exercises for a Better Hip Rotation

Planks are a superior core strengthener. They target the transverse abdominals, which tightens your core when you swing a golf club. The stronger this muscle is, the less likely you are to hurt your back.

How to do it: Lie on stomach with elbows bent underneath. Raise body until only elbows and toes touch ground . Keep body rigid and flat by tightening abs and butt.


Go on a walk, a short run, a long run, an enormous bike ride, we don’t care what you do but get moving and get your heart rate up.


Various studies suggest that dynamic stretching can help enhance muscles power and strength. Whilst further research shows that dynamic stretching can help to prevent severe injury and improves neuromuscular control during the active movements.

Give some of these a go. They are great for pre or post round.

Link to the article : http://igosports.shop/8-dynamic-stretches-you-must-do-before-teein-off/

Infrared garments proven to increase back mobility

KYMIRA Golf Mock Turtle – £90 – http://igosports.shop/product/kymira-golf-mock-turtle/

KYMIRA garments are recognised as class 1 medical devices and are the first textile to be approved by the FDA for the various biological effects they have on the user.

The Infrared technology in these garments absorbs the natural shorter wavelength, higher energy radiation that is given off by our own bodies and elements such as visible light in our natural surroundings, and the minerals in the fibres convert it into infrared light which is then emitted back into our bodies.

This process results in increased circulation, reduced chance of injury, pain relief, Muscle relaxation and more.

Read more here :  http://igosports.shop/brand-kymira/

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And remember Great Golfers are made in Winter.

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