iGoSports Secure Exclusive Rights to KYMIRA Golf

KYMIRA, Global Leaders in infrared technology and the production of smart garments have partnered with iGo Sports, a hub of innovation for golfers, to launch the world’s first smart garment specifically designed and proven to aid pain relief, reduce the chance of injury and accelerate recovery in golfers. 


KYMIRA Golf garments absorb the natural shorter wavelength, higher energy radiation that is given off by our own bodies and elements such as visible light in our surroundings, and the minerals in the fibres convert it into infrared light which is then emitted back into our bodies for a number of positive biological effects. 

Tim Brownstone, inventor of the technology and Founder of KYMIRA reveals how the technology works in this short video: How KYMIRA Works ?

The KYMIRA Golf range caters to both men and women and consists of a well fitted long sleeve ¼ zip, a mock turtle, and a split neck mandarin which was specifically designed with female golfers in mind.  

” It is mind blowing how many golfers are playing in pain and discomfort, this is eventually leading to them putting down their clubs earlier than they have to. We have teamed up with KYMIRA to offer those playing with injuries some relief, so that they can spend longer out on the course and reach greater levels of satisfaction out of the game.” – said CEO of iGO Sports, Michael Davis.

According to data collected at TPI from over 31,000 golfers, 28.1% of all players deal with lower back pain after every round. Lower back pain is also the most common complaint seen amongst professional golfers on all tours and data suggests over 23% are playing with lower back pain.

The lower back is rarely the original cause of the pain! It may be the current source of pain, but it’s rarely the cause of pain. More often than not, abnormal motions or forces coming from adjacent or distant areas of the body force the lower back to do excessive work until it completely breaks down itself. In other words, the lumbar spine is usually the area that is being unnecessarily overworked to the point of injury. 

There are a variety of pain relief responses that an athlete will experience when using KYMIRA Golf products. The first is an activation of the same chemical pathways that an opiate would activate (albeit less potently), when Nitric Oxide activates another chemical called Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (or cGMP for short). This process inhibits pain receptors and reduces pain while you are wearing KYMIRA products. 

KYMIRA technology is backed by over 15 clinical studies and is widely considered one of the most exciting trends in wearable technology. 

Shop the collection at iGo Sports now. 

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