Keeping cool, calm, collected. The 5 best ways to keep golfing through the UK weather block!

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Being out in the open is a benefit of golf that is never understated, with thousands of golfers enjoying weather, wind, and worrying about if it’ll rain. One thing that can be as detrimental as rain though, which needs to be accounted for, is sun! You might think dryer weather creates the perfect conditions for a session and you’d be partly right, but if you don’t take precautions to look after your temperature then you’ll end up shooting yourself in the foot by hurrying out during this forecast UK weather block we are going to have. So what is this dry weather, why do we need to work around it as golfers, and how do we do that?

Why do UK Weather Blocks matter?

Temperatures are expected to reach highs in the 20’s again this week across parts of the UK. The shifting temperatures and sudden lack of colder winds will invite many of us out onto the course. But where did this sudden shift come from? The map below shows an example of the situation we are in right now in the UK:

The UK sits under that high-pressure “block” as you read this! The effects of this weather block are expected to last 10 days. This will create a strange sort of stasis in the UK, with stabilised weather that is quite dry, with only showers rather than storms expected. The temperature will also be showing as the wind by extension clouds all stagnate in the block too. If the sun is glaring, nothing is going to disrupt it this week. That’s where you come in, taking responsibility for that lack of wind and rise in temperature.

How to Combat This UK Weather Block:

There are few ways we can actively avoid the worst effects of this weather block. From simple things like hydrating to more advanced, wearable technologies. If you’re taking to the course this week don’t go without these tips!

1. Wear a Golf Cap

There’s a reason that almost every golfer has a picture with a golf cap sat on their head, and it’s only half for the style. Protecting every inch of your body from the sun and elements is vital when a weather block is in place, or just any time the sun is having a field day. From concentrating on your swing to keeping the UV off your skin on your face there are a range of benefits to making sure you have appropriate headwear. You don’t want to go all day with the sun on your face, you’ll be a red-faced sweatbox and the next day will peel like a banana.

We recommend the Safetee Cap Starter Bundle as we can offer this bundle exclusively! This will solve your cap problems for many, many sessions to come as a nice added bonus. As they say, better safe than sorry.

Order the exclusive Safetee Caps Starter Pack now and get the X-Light Protector and two safetee caps in the trendy colors – also ideal as a gift for safety-conscious golfers!

The patented X-Light-Protector absorbs up to 87% of incident energy, is extremely comfortable and fits inconspicuously into the cap. Your ideal companion on and off the court – for you (Most Innovative Concept at the 2020 PGA Show).

2. Check out the LP Support range

LP Support are a dedicated company, with dozens of products all centered around muscle wellness and recovery. Among those products are a variety of hot/cold packs that can be integrated into training or thrown in a golf bag. The LP Hot and Cold Pack is primarily a muscle reliever for inflammation and the like. However, being able to remain flexible and workable at sub-zero temperatures makes packs like this ideal for hotter weather. Not only do you get access to muscle relief but also a way of lowering your body’s temperature with a simple pack.

This Hot and Cold Pack is reusable and is covered by state-of-the-art, closed-cell neoprene which is laminated with “outerwear” nylon to ensure durability meaning this can serve you for summers to come!

3. Invest in thermal regulation clothing

There’s only so much your body can do to combat hotter temperatures, and your skin needs particular protection. Infrared Clothing is a breakthrough medical device used by the England Rugby team, Cricketer Darren Stevens, and many others. KYMIRA, leading the Infrared Clothing charge, have been adding to this signature technology and culminated in some fantastic weather-proof gear. KYMIRA Infrared Gear is SPF 35 by default, helping with that glaring sun. It also helps the body regulate temperature internally though, not just stopping rays from being as dangerous but actively helping your body stay internally cool! You get to focus on the session and forget the weather was too much of an issue. With a cap for your head, an LP pack as a backup, and KYMIRA gear protecting your body you will be as safe as possible out there in the weather block!

KYMIRA Gear for any situation can be found here, and one purchase now sorts you out for years of hot or cold weather to come as KYMIRA gear is a durable, strong medical device.

4. Wear a pair of worthy shades

Golfers don’t cheap out on equipment. It’s an investment more than a purchase, as we all know how long a real piece of golf gear should last. If it’s only getting through a single year, it’s worth switching up to something better quality. To that end when the sun is being obnoxious (and you aren’t in the shade of the rough, hopefully!) you need to have a pair of decent shades that can stay with you to always have access. Be it a fanciful pair of aviators or a smoother design with cosy rims. The range of glasses stocked here should fulfill your every wish of both form and function!

5. Hydrate!

Okay, no real gadgets or investments into your golfing future here! But it is worth reiterating that oxygenation and hydration are paramount to any sportsman or woman. KYMIRA gear actually helps this process but you still need to drink the water to begin with! Taking a large, capable bottle of preferably ice-cold water means that by hole 9 you’re still able to comfortably take sips without worrying about running out, or rationing. The dry weather means you’ll need to drink more than usual to keep cool, so give your body what it is asking for rather than forcing yourself through a session as if nothing is different.

There are a range of options for water bottles, but capacity should always be a priority for golfers. It’s not like football where you down a bottle during half-time, Golf is all about longevity and endurance. Constant, small pick-ups of hydration. Golf Digest have a list for reference, but make sure to look over what the bottles really offer you long-term!

Now let’s all take a breath and get out there! The weather might be a little odd but it will provide a hopefully great backdrop to some golf. Enjoy this weekend particularly and into next week too! Remember to pick up your cap, cool pack, KYMIRA gear, shades, and a big water bottle!

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