The 4 Best-in-England Charity Golf Events to Get Involved With

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Golf is an individual sport, one of focus and pace and measure. However, underneath that it still holds a huge social importance to golfers. Between the club members you practice with, or tough it out against, right up to professional players bantering about Tours. Families can get involved, friends can be made and drinks can be had after a great session at the club. This incredible atmosphere is something the charity sector has been able to use to make some truly great charity golf events that you can attend and support! Put those golfing charms to use at these charity golf events that raise money and awareness for some dire issues, imbuing the negative with a sense of camaraderie and progress that Golfers bring…

The Macmillan Longest Day Golf Challenge

If you think you’ve had a long session on a stubborn 18-hole before, Macmillan have news for you…you haven’t seen anything yet!

Looking ahead at the course you’ll shoot 72 holes on, confidence is key

What is the Macmillan Longest Day Golf Challenge?

The Macmillan Longest Day Golf Challenge is a full-day extravaganza. 4 rounds on the course totals 72 holes! Named the Longest Day Challenge not because that much golf will make the day drag on and on, but actually because it traditionally takes place on the longest day of the year in terms of sunlight. This means everyone has time to enjoy the longevity of the course, the day, and the sport.

How to access this Charity Golfing event:

Macmillan are figureheads of inclusivity and accessibility when it comes to charity events. Similarly to their other events, individuals can help run the show! Simply grab your golfing mates and opt-in at your local club or course. With a little organisation you can perform the Macmillan Longest Day Challenge anywhere! Accepting an invite to an entirely new course miles away for a sense of adventure and journey, or simply your club course sending out invites to members. Whatever type of golfers you and your friends are there is a Longest Day event for you.

A Screenshot of the Macmillan page about the Charity Golf event

What exactly do you need for 72 holes of golf?

All that the Longest Day Challenge needs from you is a team of eager golfers, a course to play on, preferably a free day on the Longest Day itself, and details on your fundraising efforts at the event itself. You can run an event yourself and decide to put all club revenue from the day to Macmillan! Or you could give a talk to the challenge-takers about Macmillan before the big start. Given it’s the Longest Day perhaps serve refreshments and have the proceeds go to Macmillan. Something as simple as a donation box on the club door would still make so much difference. With the flexibility and ease of setting up this gargantuan golfing challenge, there’s no reason not to!

As always, make sure your equipment and preparations meet the challenge. Have sunscreen, water, maybe even some portable Massage Guns available for a marathon like this!

Oh yes, there’s also a prize!

Silly me, I forgot to mention that the top 4 clubs (In terms of their fundraising) will receive a prize from Macmillan for their work and commitment. Together, your local club could become national heroes!

For all the information and the application forms for teams, and help with setting up your own event, be sure to go to https://longestdaygolf.macmillan.org.uk/. They even have scorecards for the day here, and tips for how to survive this golfing marathon, here!

The Kidney Research Charity Golf Day

The Kidney Research Charity Golf Day is a more traditional take on a charity event. The UK-based charity host an annual session of 18 holes to fundraise. The course is the Belfry Golf Club’s Brabazon course, of 4 time Ryder-Cup fame! Smack bang in the middle of the country, near Birmingham, the event is a great excuse for a trip away! On an iconic course for an iconic charity you can bring some friends and have a full day-out experience. Unlike the Macmillan events you cannot host this one yourself, but the draw of a bespoke, curated experience for golfers who have the means to go is just too enticing. Not only do you get your breakfast, but even some range practice before the start of the event proper.

Pricing list for the Kidney UK Charity Golf event

The charity golfing event promises refreshments during the 18 hole course and afterward an evening of drinks, a three-course meal, and live entertainment. For an all-inclusive price of £1,200 for a full tea of 4 it’s actually an incredibly reasonable day out and varied enough that even the most casual golfers will love the event. Besides that, the hosting club is committing to this charity each year and the pricing is more indicative of a for-profit than a charity event! If you’re near and have the means, this is a great way to invigorate your team.

You can even add on, for just an extra £100, guest tickets! The guest tickets don’t include the golf, but *still* include the 3-course meal and drinks, with evening entertainment.


Transitions Charity Golf Days

Further south, closer to London, are the charity Transitions. This is a particularly poignant event as the ages it focuses on are likely to be the group golfers are least appealing to! Joking aside, Transitions helps aid young people aged 14-25 who have all sorts of life-altering difficulties. While Macmillan and Kidney Research can diagnose and cure illnesses, charities like Transitions are there for the day-to-day effects of those conditions. Not only medically caused, but also victims of neglect or criminal activity. These are young people who need everyday care and help. One big golfing day out can go a huge way to achieving that.

The center of Transition’s efforts are people’s enrichment and development

What may be a fun day trip to the golfers actually has effects lasting far beyond just that one day for the youngsters you will be helping!

The event is held at Letchworth Golf Club and features their 18 hole course…with some fun twists and tweaks for the day! Inclusive of a 2-course meal afterward and prizes in store for the top golfers on the day, it seems like a great reason to get around the country and help out an overlooked charity.

The Transitions Golf Day takes place on September 30th, and details can be found here

Alzheimer’s Charity Golf Events

The range of courses the event includes is mighty impressive

The Alzheimer’s Charity events are numerous and intriguing. This one specifically is further North, at the Chesterfield Golf Course in Derbyshire. The events hosted in support of Dementia research and support are particularly curated, with each of the 3 initial events taking place on specific courses. There is a Dementia “Values” course, a Dementia “Equality” course, and a Dementia “Diversity” course. These events all tie together and create a network of fundraising between golfers and Alzheimer’s Charity.

While the first events for this year have passed, the finale at Chesterfield is still to come! Tickets are limited and do go fast so it may well sell out before you have the chance this year, but the nature of these events and the variety of courses makes this charity one that is worth keeping an eye on for 2022. You can have your very own “Charity tour” of sorts!

The final event in the series takes place on the 27th of August, so will be sold out soon!

Tour the country!

So there we have it, England is hosting a superb listing of charity events this year and every year. I personally love the innovation of including charities like Transitions and the dynamic of the Dementia Courses is simply brilliant. From North to South there is something going on, and remember the Macmillan Longest Day Challenge is available to be hosted anywhere, anytime during summer! It doesn’t have to be the Longest Day to do it (We won’t tell anyone if you don’t)!

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