The Exputt Real-Time Putting Simulator: More cutting-edge technology joins the iGO Sports Shop!

Getting to the green is only half the battle. You’re settling into your swings, following through for maximum fairway traversal, and now you’re here mere meters from the hole. All those clean shots will mean nothing if you haven’t refined your putting! Limit your last-minute grazes by keeping on top of this vital aspect of the game.

Half of golf is fun; the other half is putting.

Peter Dobereiner

Take the chore out of the green and make your putting enjoyable again!

The Exputt Real-Time Putting Simulator is another technologically adept bit of kit that we are proud to endorse for all our golfing customers. Alongside our recent article on Golfing Gadgets we examined a handful of electronically advanced gizmos that all presented benefits to even the casual golfer. From swing analytics to health-monitoring gear, technology is improving the lives of golfers across the board.

The Exputt is no different!

With the Exputt you can turn any space with a TV or monitor into a Putting range. The Exoputt boasts:

  • Easy Set-up, needing only a camera and a display (And a surprisingly little amount of floor space)
  • Adaptable Courses, the Exputt can adjust for inclines and grasses just like a real golf course
  • Analytics, the Exputt measures ball speed, angle and spin of course; but the Exputt also looks at the golfer themselves and provides data on as many aspects of the Putt as possible.
  • 59 Mygolfspy awards Winner

The Exputt can be found among all of our other cutting-edge golfing technology on iGOSports, and is an investment of £469 into getting your putting the best it can be.

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