Kymira Golf Mock Turtle


The perfect top for your golf round, the Kymira Golf Mock Turtle tops feature all of the benefits of the KYnergy infrared technology in a sleek cut. Play with increased power, swing speed, and endurance, maximising your ability in all conditions…

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Kymira Golf Mock Turtle

The perfect top for your golf round, the Kymira Golf Mock Turtle feature all of the benefits of the KYnergy infrared technology in a sleek cut.

Wear Kymira Golf Infrared Recovery & Performance and play with increased power, swing speed, and endurance, maximising your ability in all conditions (discover how the infrared technology works).

Cut for an ergonomic fit, the Split Neck feature tapered seams with durable flat-lock stitching that feels comfortable against the skin and eliminates friction. Structured shoulder panels allow for the maximum range of motion.

Offering all the performance-enhancing benefits of the KYnergy technology, this breathable, fast-drying fabric regulates body temperature, reduces recovery time, and energises your time on the fairways. The top is a workhorse that will last you season after season, and all the rough and tumble your golfbag can throw at it.

The infrared helps the body perform better in levels of endurance, power, strength, flexibility and mobility, whilst reducing the effect of performance fatigue. DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness is reduced and pre-exertion recovery is sped up. If you become injured or are recovering from an injury or surgery, the infrared will accelerate your recovery. Pain relief, thermoregulation and SPF protection is offered throughout.

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Midnight Black, Sage Grey, Sky Blue


  • Mock Turtle neck collar
  • Ergonomic cut
  • Tapered seems and flat-lock sticking to avoid friction
  • Classic fit
  • Icon design on chest

Best Use

Optimal results can be achieved by wearing the garment 30 minutes prior to playing, during exercise and then up to 4 hours after exercise. Since the infrared technology can also help with recovery, by wearing Kymira post exercise the increased oxygenation of the blood will improve the rate of lactic acid breakdown and cellular repair throughout the body.

Sporting the ‘K’ pre play is important due to the increased rate of blood flow it will kickstart. That means by the time you are in full swing, a variety of positive effects will be able to take place instantly, including; increased glycogen levels, faster removal of lactic acid, and better thermoregulatory ability.

Kymira Infrared Benefits

   Increased Circulation

One of the primary effects of nitric oxide, is with it being a vasodilator. This means it causes our blood vessels to expand, allowing more blood to pass through them. This has numerous benefits from increasing the volume of oxygen and nutrient rich blood to our muscle cells, to accelerating the rate at which waste products are transported away from them and reducing swelling during inflammatory responses. Significantly increased circulation can be seen within 30 seconds of putting a KYMIRA® Sport product on. However, once the garments are removed, you will return to your baseline circulation, within 3 – 5 minutes. This biological excitement of red blood cells can be watched in our live video, presented by our Founder Tim Brownstone above, and we can demonstrate this to you personally in real time during meetings and at all exhibitions at which we exhibit.
    Increased Tissue Oxygenation
In randomized double blind, repeated measures studies, KYMIRA® products increased tissue oxygen levels by 20% on average vs a host of control garments that used standard fabrics and/or compression. This increase was a building increase that both peaked and maintained after 70 minutes of wearing the KYMIRA® products.
    Increased Energy Production
The chemical unit of energy that powers our cells is Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). When you wear KYMIRA® Sport products, the infrared activates a molecule called Cytochrome C-Oxidase. This is a transmembrane protein in our mitochondria, which mediates the production of ATP. Mitochondria are the powerplants of our cells, where ATP is produced, and Cytochrome C-Oxidase is one of the gateways that allow workers through the power plant. By opening the gateway, ATP is production is increased and your cells have more fuel to carry out their functions.
KYMIRA® Sport products help to regulate temperature in a different way to standard clothing. This is due to some of the biological effects already described and some of the physical effects of the fabrics themselves. In colder climates, our fabrics warm up quicker, and then store the thermal energy 63% longer than an equivalent weight fabric would. In hotter climates however, they dry 65% quicker on average, dissipating excess heat through evaporation. Tying these two effects together is the increase in circulation which allows your body to more efficiently transport heat around KYnergy® exposed areas, resulting in a regulating effect rather than just heating or cooling. Our customers wear KYMIRA® base layers in all-weather environments and the products have been used to great effect to regulate in temperatures ranging from -35 to +48 degrees.
    Pain Relief
There are a variety of pain relief responses that an athlete will experience when using our products. The first is an activation of the same chemical pathways that an opiate would activate (albeit less potently), when Nitric Oxide activates another chemical called Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (or cGMP for short). This process inhibits pain receptors and reduces pain while you are wearing KYMIRA products. Once removed however, this pain inhibition will wear off as your body stops producing Nitric Oxide at such an accelerated rate. There are however, longer pain relief effects that are seen in athletes of all abilities when it comes to delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Once our products are removed, DOMS does not return. Based on anecdotal evidence, which we are currently clinically testing, this is believed to be because exercising in KYMIRA® Sport products reduces the physiological causes of the DOMS itself.
    SPF and Antimicrobial
Our technology contains the mineral Quarts Dioxide. This is not included for infrared purposes, but rather its ability to absorb shorter wavelengths of UV light which is harmful to us. Once absorbed, it converts UV into a longer wavelength which is then more harmful to microbes. This dual effect gives our products a minimum rating of SPF 35 and an antimicrobial effect.

Fabric & Care


  • 50% KYnergy Polyester
  • 32% Polyester
  • 18% Elastane


  • Wash at 30C/86F
  • Do not tumble dry

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