Kymira Infrared Hoody for Men – Bio-Responsive Technology


Built for every day and everyone, the Kymira Hoody for Men offers a combination of warmth, performance, and recovery benefits. Containing our bio-responsive Infracycle polyester, it’s the ideal pre or post-activity garment, preparing the body for activity or recovery. Subtle styling means the hoodie is ideal for wear outdoors or at home.




Kymira Hoody for Men


The Kymira Infrared Hoody – the ultimate companion for your outdoor sporting activities! This hoody is made with high-quality materials and features advanced infrared technology that provides exceptional warmth and comfort.


Designed to help regulate your body temperature, provides optimal thermal management to keep you feeling comfortable outdoors. Improved blood oxygenation reduces muscle fatigue and soreness, and enhances your overall performance.


Made with a breathable and lightweight fabric, this hoody offers maximum freedom of movement and allows you to focus on your performance rather than on staying warm. The sleek design and contemporary style make it an ideal choice. The adjustable hood provides added protection against the wind and rain. A handy front pocket can store your essentials while you’re on the go.



  • Brushed inner fleece face
  • Active fit
  • Fitted cuffs
  • Large front pocket

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