Kymira Recovery T-Shirt for Men


Help your upper body perform and recover more effectively with our Kymira Recovery T-Shirt for Men – a classic T-shirt and much more. Designed with infrared technology to promote circulation and reduce muscle fatigue, it’s the perfect choice for sport and casual wear for all who love an active life style.




Kymira Recovery T-Shirt for Men


The Kymira Recovery T-Shirt for Men is a top choice for outdoor sports enthusiasts who want to optimize their performance and accelerate post-activity recovery. Its innovative technology enhances your body’s energy and promotes muscle recovery, so you can keep doing what you love for longer. The sleek design maximises skin contact, enhancing the effect of the KYnergy fabric technology.


The structured panels allow maximum comfort and mobility during wear. Crafted from a breathable and moisture-wicking fabric, the T-Shirt ensures a comfortable fit for any and every outdoor activity. Its simple and versatile design complements any outdoor sports outfit, making it a perfect choice for those who value style and performance and love to live an active lifestyle. Upgrade your casual wear with this classicT-Shirt that offers so much more.

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