Could Infrared Clothing get Tiger Woods back under par?

Golfing equipment and gear is integral to the sport. Golf requires physical ability, but to channel that skill and really hit it off on a course a golfer needs more than just fitness. They need quality tools that feel like extensions of themselves. Just like a bow in archery or oar in rowing, the equipment becomes almost prosthetic as you gain experience using it and maximising your ability. A blooming form of Infrared clothing technology from KYMIRA is looking to exceed the expectations sportsmen and women put in their equipment, and could even get injured and ageing pro’s back in the game!

One person who has shown physical and technical excellence in that regard is, of course, Tiger Woods. Being as accomplished as Tiger isn’t a free ticket to ongoing success, however. Upkeep, consistency and determination all matter most once you reach your peak. It will come as no surprise that the lows of the past decade have been hitting Tiger hard. He knows the game is about his body as much as his mind, and needs to be working on both at this critical time.

The most recent blow to Tiger came just this February. It seems cars have it out for him, as it’s the 4th major vehicular accident he has had to recover from.  The damage this time was focused on his lower body, although anywhere would be detrimental to a golfer as they use almost every muscle group. Tiger was in an 87 mph collision that broke his right leg. In fact, “broke” is an understatement. The buzzword in the media is “Shattered”, and it paints a devastating picture for the 45-year-old. Recovery is the most important thing to him now, as there is no quick comeback from such an extreme injury.

Tiger Woods is still recovering from this accident

The immediate response was a series of procedures and follow-ups in multiple hospitals. Tiger was fortunate to be assessed and deemed a safe enough case to treat without major surgery such as amputation. The Los Angeles County Sheriff Department issued statements on Tiger at the time that reassured us all Tiger was well enough to survive and heal, and that Tiger would face no persecution over the accident. The LACSD even stated that the accident took place over “hundreds of feet”! The fall from the road down an off-road incline extended the distance of the incident.

A simple broken or fractured leg can take 6-8 Weeks to heal, or longer depending on how much physiotherapy can be done and the nature of the break. This minimum is thrown into proportion when you consider Tiger was seen 6 months later, just the other day, still in crutches. The injury was no joke, and that’s where developments in Infrared clothing and recovery technology are paramount.

The fact Tiger Woods has managed to recover from the first 3 crashes is impressive, but bouncing back is a process that is deeply medical and can be dangerous if not properly facilitated. Not to mention he is the oldest he has ever been (Something we can all relate to) and this makes the difficulty and importance of recovery compound. Hence, 6 months afterwards and Tiger is still using crutches. The journey is slow but must be maintained at all times.

The three key moments in this huge undertaking are pain relief, accelerated recovery, and prevention. If one of these fails or is not facilitated then injuries like Tiger’s can easily become permanent problems for sportsmen and women.

So, how do we make sure those parts of recovery are taken, and what does Infrared clothing technology have to do with it?

KYMIRA Golf are pushing the limits of what clothing can achieve

KYMIRA are a boundary-pushing producer of medical-grade garments and gear for sportsmen and women. The company have a philosophy that encapsulates the real, day-to-day strain that training can put people through and a focus on wellbeing that no other sports brand has achieved so scientifically.

An Infographic showing the benefits of infrared clothing
KYMIRA take the entire journey into account

KYMIRA aren’t focused on just one aspect of Sport, they account for this entire journey. From pain relief through to full recovery and prevention of further injury. Prevention may be better than cure, but KYMIRA ask “Why not both?”.

As you can see on the diagram above, Tiger woods devastating his leg at over 80mph pits him squarely in the Rehabilitate state. He needs to get surgery and corrective processes started as soon as possible and save his body from refusing to heal. At this stage, Infrared KYMIRA technology can help a few ways. But first, what is Infrared Technology?

The fibres of the clothing, the makeup of the material itself, provide access to this Infrared energy…

KYMIRA Infrared Technology utilises a scientific mechanism dubbed, rather fittingly, KYnergy. Garments made by KYMIRA, from gloves to full leggings or hoodies, all use this KYnergy system. While some energy recovery or enhancing products require application, ingestion, or strict routines to work KYnergy is built inside the fabric of the garment. If you’re wearing KYMIRA gloves, those gloves in themselves contain a bespoke mix of natural minerals and crafted fibres. This combination is carefully constructed to interact with, well, energy.

It’s common enough knowledge that when we exercise there are by-products from the energy that we are consuming. Common by-products are chemical and atomic interactions going on in our muscles and body. KYMRIA looked at that information and created a garment that utilises the by-products, that takes advantage of wasted energy. KYnergy is exactly that, a redirection of energy.

“For those that would like some atomic physics 101, this conversion occurs as the incoming photon causes excitation of the minerals at an atomic level. This is a less stable state for the atom, so it discharges the energy in the form of infrared light, within our targeted emission spectrum. This infrared will penetrate 4cm into your muscles and cause a peripheral effect of 2 – 3cm beyond that of the worn KYMIRA® product.”

KYMIRA Ifrared technology

Think of Infrared clothing tech as a way to improve your body’s natural ability to conserve and use energy. Infrared tech doesn’t interfere in any negative or synthetic way with your muscles themselves, it simply feeds your body the energy it needs to perform its natural processes.

Referring back to Tiger and an accident as disastrous as that we can begin to see how Infrared tech is vital at every stage of Tiger’s recovery journey. First, immediately after the accident:

Pain Relief Effects of Infrared Clothing:

Stock image of inflammation area that can be helped by infrared clothing

As infrared light is provided by KYMIRA garments to the body, the body can use that light to create reactions. One thing the body can utilise infrared for is activating an enzyme, Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase, in our blood. Nitric Oxide supply keeps your body able to flow blood to and from areas of inflammation. By removing this cause of inflammation KYMIRA Infrared reduces perceived pain by 25%!

Recovery Effects of Infrared Clothing

However, as we have discussed this journey back to peak condition isn’t to be taken lightly. Once the pain is out the way or managed, the longer task remains to fix the underlying problem…

Tiger Woods showing a smile (with dog Bugs, or is that Lola?) during his recovery

Nitric Oxide Activation:

Just as we saw earlier, Infrared technology can create a good supply of Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is a key player in your body’s ability to perform well and recover quickly, not just relieve the site of the pain in the moment.

Reduced Muscular Damage:

KYMIRA Infrared Clothing was a god-send for this unlucky pro rider

When your muscles are in a situation that prevention or care cannot avoid you are bound to end up injured. KYMIRA garments, however, help maintain a level of activity in your cells and muscles even when injured or suffering from a condition at the time. For example, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. This damage to your system can be hard to assess and counter, but Infrared technology provides your body with a constant means of combating the causes of DOMS. For example KYMIRA gear can regulate circulation to improve oxygenation and break down Lactic Acids in muscles. This passive effect helps recover from muscle injury!

One sportsman, Scott Beaumont of BMX fame, who tried KYMIRA after breaking their left arm testified that:

“After a perfect start to the season when I won the first BMX National, unfortunately round 2 I had a huge crash and broke my left arm. KYMIRA® has been absolutely invaluable to my recovery. The KYMIRA® Sport IR50 long sleeved jersey helped me to recover from the broken radius bone in under 5 weeks, less than half the time that 4 doctors suggested. We defied what the doctors believed to be possible. I went on to win round 3 of the British Fullcross Mountain Bike series. Thank you KYMIRA®”.

Scott Beaumont. Pro BMX and Mountain Bike Rider.

The fact that the medical effects of KYMIRA garments are shown in cases of broken bones, not just your day-to-day strains, proves the innate validity of the tech. If something really works, it won’t come with those caveats and clauses you see on supplements. Instead, the gear facilitates recovery from the off, whatever the injury.

Prevention of Further Injury and Upkeep of Your Recovery

It will hopefully not be long now until Tiger is back to form, and he himself has commented on how hopeful and enthusiastic he is for the future. We can get an unbreakable spirit, but none of us will ever have an unbreakable body. That’s why preventing these injuries and protecting your muscles is vital to sportsmen and women. KYMIRA have a dedication to that aspect of sport that shows in every Infrared piece of clothing.

For example, One sample population made up of 53 professional international rugby players have seen the incidents of soft tissue injuries drop by 80% over a two year period.

Infrared technology is not a specific or restricted aid for just one issue, and that is what makes it such a valuable investment. If something is based on science its effects will be unavoidable and passive, without being high-maintenance on the consumer end. A golfer, rower, archer, rugby player can all throw on KYMIRA gear and immediately their body will react. In fact, some effects occur to prevent injury in as little as 5 minutes. The first 5 minutes of wearing a KYMIRA KYnergy garment increases circulation and cleanses inflammations, slowly returning to original circulation over time. This fast, palpable change to your body is proof Infrared tech really does enhance your body’s abilities.

Providing your cells with the right mix of oxygen and chemicals is vital to endurance

Even after that window to get you into the set or session or match, KYMIRA is always working on injury prevention. Your muscles are being “refuelled” so to speak in a much more efficient way than without Infrared tech, and so can withstand the strains you put on them in training far better. We should all be responsible for looking after our muscles with things like Massage Guns and Yoga and proper workout routine management, but on top of all of that you can throw on some infrared gear.

Infrared Clothing Works With Any Routine

Because Infrared clothing can be worn like any other garment it can be used in tandem with almost any other activity you are doing to help your body recover, or the sports themselves. This flexibility that Infrared technology gives you, the freedom to do whatever you want while still reaping the benefits of muscle care, is invaluable to all sportsmen and women. Even more so those with only a few chances a week to train or only short sessions. With Infrared tech being wearable there’s no stress over the prep, you just sling the stuff on!

There’s one final way that infrared technology proves it is a true synergy of form and function: Temperature and SPF effects. Infrared technology uses energy and activity to penetrate into the muscles and help your body from the inside, but there are other effects that the meticulous construction of the fibres achieves. From the outside, your body is exposed to all sorts of effects and some can be destabilising to your circulation or concentration. KYMIRA gear takes the opportunity to not only channel energy inwards but also deal with those exterior issues.

Infrared Clothing Helps Fight Against the Elements and Unpredictability of the Day

With the sun beating down on you as you swing hole after hole on the course it can be easy to overheat and put yourself in real danger. KYMIRA gear is inherently SPF 35, and in addition, can regulate body temperature to a much greater degree than normal sportswear. The SPF comes from Quarts Dioxide. This is not included for infrared purposes, but rather its ability to absorb shorter wavelengths of UV light which is harmful to us. Once absorbed, it converts UV into a longer wavelength which is then more harmful to microbes. This dual effect gives our products a minimum rating of SPF 35 and an antimicrobial effect.

If you’re lucky enough to get views like this, you’ll definitely want to be on the course all day, so you will benefit from the long term passive protection that Infrared clothing gives.

The temperature regulation is achieved through the fibres of the garment. The material stores thermal energy over 60% longer than normal gear, and inversely also dries 65% faster in adverse weather or temperature. The makeup of these garments can’t go understated, they’re an all-inclusive and nifty bit of kit.

With Tiger out of the running for a few months, he might well come back to the sport feeling the effects of the rising summer temperatures. Infrared technology could be the key for us all to face the ongoing climate changes and still stay in tip-top condition out on the course. Issues with heat and sweat go back years, with a particularly harsh summer in 2018 turning some heads to the importance of hydration and temperature management. Your body works overtime in extreme temperatures, and as we saw earlier infrared technology helps take some of the strain off of your body, by providing much-needed energy and support.

How to Access Infrared Clothing:

With the pro’s being such huge advocates for this gear and the breakthroughs leading to iconic sportsmen like Darren Stevens feeling reinvigorated in their sport even in the later years of their career it is with great relief that I can announce KYMIRA gear is commercially available. This sort of protection and support shouldn’t be reserved, but shared.

KYMIRA and KYMIRA Golf equipment can be bought from the iGoSports website along with any of these other Injury Prevention gadgets!

No sportsman should feel like they can’t properly equip themselves and, with us all getting older all the time, we should be following in Darren’s footsteps and reaffirming our body’s strengths with the support of this new Infrared technology. You need to follow the KYMIRA philosophy and make sure you are aware of your body’s limits of course; this isn’t magic, it’s science, and science won’t turn you into a golfing god with just a shirt. But, if something was going to try I’d place my bets on something as simple and well-proved as Infrared gear.

Take control of your muscle health and your injury prevention with KYMIRA so you can set your mind on the fun part…playing the game!

KYMIRA Golf Gear can be found here, with their website full of more information here.

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