How 3 of our KYMIRA Ambassadors incorporate KYMIRA in the battle for injury prevention

At KYMIRA we have a number of KYMIRA Ambassadors; elite sportsmen and women across a wide variety of fields (Golf included!) who are proving KYMIRA works on the biggest sporting stages the world offers. This week’s blog will look into how KYMIRA melds with the priorities of some of our Ambassadors and how their routine is shaped by it. You might find a few hints about the best ways to squeeze an extra bit of use out of your own KYMIRA gear!

Meet some of our KYMIRA Ambassadors

How KYMIRA affects elite sportsmen and women:

These elite professionals all swear by KYMIRA and the benefits of Infrared technology, and that comes from a place of wanting to maximise injury prevention at every turn!

“I’m back to just playing 9 holes, just mid-irons to break it in gradually and building back up to where I need to be. I spoke to Sam Vickers who’s my strength and conditioning coach around 2 months ago if there’s anything I can do to speed up the process or *try* to speed up the process of getting back playing.”

– Sam Robinson on recovering from a serious ankle injury.

Sam Robinson, Golfer, shows an eagerness and determination to recover from a recent injury in our interview with him recently. While we didn’t speak about massage guns specifically, the commitment to getting any edge, and progress on his muscles and condition is clear to see. It’s from that determination and willpower that products like KYMIRA and Massage Guns are born.

In the case of the Golfing Elite, muscle strains and blood flow are two of the most important factors in your injury prevention. When you’re constantly employing your muscles to twist, follow-through and stay upright, not to mention swing with enough force to properly drive, there are going to be consequences.

“I’ve struggled, like every golfer does, with lower-back stiffness and more so for me – right glute stiffness as well.” –

Sam Robinson on the strains of golfing

Find our one-on-one with Sam about his career and injury recovery strategies here!

We’ve seen how important professional preparation can be, but Darren Stevens takes us a step further by showing us an aspect of these tools that many may not have considered.

Darren Stevens, the veteran Cricketer on the boundary of his career, is another interviewee who displayed just a raw mindfulness towards his sport. We don’t want anything to stop us from playing! Least of all something like age. Darren is sensible enough to pace himself nowadays

“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve had to reign all of that in. Even down to the warmups – I join in at the start, but because there’s a lot of football and touch Rugby being played, I have to stay out of all that stuff! These knees aren’t getting any younger and if I want to keep performing at that level, then I have to cut a few things out.”

Darren Stevens on how age affects training.

The way he speaks about KYMIRA and restoring the levels of vitality in his body is inspiring. Preparation is vital, and before putting on their KYMIRA these ambassadors could run a massage therapy gun over the key areas for just 30 seconds each. After that, their body has blood-flow and warmed-up all while sitting there using a gadget! Darren could warm up while the others go about the more intense routines and not have to miss out on the benefits by using a Percussion Device. Then, with KYMIRA holding that energy in and making his body more efficient, his muscles would be primed as they could ever be!

Find a KYMIRA interview with Darren on the changing state of training here!

Of course, it’s not only Sportsmen that need to bear these preparation methods in mind. The reason these methods persist and have been shown to be so effective is down to trainers and coaches tracking their clients and seeing the benefits for themselves. These are people who have trained sometimes dozens of different, high-level athletes, and yet even in all that talent, it is possible to see KYMIRA gear create a clear cut-above in terms of recovery and preparation.

“An item for preparation, an item for performance, and one for recovery. I personally always warm up and do any prep-work using the leggings and socks as it has a notable decrease on the time spent doing prep work getting joints moving comfortably. For performance I generally stick to wearing the shorts if I’m on the bike, or the crew socks/leggings if I am out running trails. I then also have another pair of leggings I use exclusively for recovery.”

– Paul parker on the areas of training.

With so many of these high-level athletes showing an awareness of training routine and preparation it’s no surprise KYMIRA is a hit. Being able to use KYMIRA in all 3 aspects of the sports as Paul points out is a huge benefit. So, with preparation being so vital and Paul referencing the time it takes to warm up, gadgets like Massage Guns can cut time even more. Muscles benefit from stimulation and Percussion Therapy Devices will supply that stimulation in a very short, concentrated warm-up. Once that is established Paul’s schedule with KYMIRA works wonders.

How to use proffesional injury prevention strategies:

Learn from the best. That’s a general rule, and here at KYMIRA we have the honour of having KYMIRA ambassadors to learn from and be inspired by. The focus on preparation, seeing the benefits things like Massage Therapy and KYMIRA itself has in tandem, even the mindset they all espouse…it’s all there to learn from! No matter what level you play on, your body will appreciate this thought going into preparation and injury prevention. So long as you focus on the areas these athletes are always aware of: Prevention, Recovery, and Performance. Don’t think that recovery can’t be something you incorporate passively into your day! It is vital for all of us to be aware of how we can rest and recover while still being able to exert ourselves, and KYMIRA makes that balance a lot easier to find.

“My mother said: Everyone is smarter than you in something. And if you don’t figure out what it is and learn from it, that’s your fault. She taught me every person I meet will have worth, and it’s my duty to be open to be receiving to what people have to offer y’know don’t, don’t discount anyone”

A very wise man

Follow in the footsteps of great sportsmen, and give your own body the respect it deserves for delivering on the course! You can explore our range of KYMIRA Golf Gear here, and of course pick up extras like Massage Guns to extend that benefit and help you tackle injury, age, and a whole host of problems that interfere with our game.

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