iGo GOLF TEES – The Smart Way to Tee Up


The iGo Smart Golf Tees are Durable yet Biodegradable, Friction Free yet Strong to push into the ground. with 3 Touch Points for consistent height with woods and irons.

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The iGo Smart Golf Tees made in the UK of natural colour recycled polymer, the TEES are biodegradable yet durable, friction free. Points are strong and push into the earth well; the hollow tees do not fly far. Three touch points –  woods and irons – help with consistent tee height.

Our flip pack contains 6 tees.

Technical Details

  • iGo TEES made of recycled polymer with a bio-degradable additive
  • Hollow tees L – 67 mm (2 6/8 “) – stack and do not fly far so easy to find to complete the round!
  • Three touch points for woods and irons
  • Designed and made in UK ®601572

Also part of the iGo Golf Gift Set for the Organised Golfer:

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