iGo Tally Golf Scorecard Holder


The iGo TALLY Golf Scorecard Holder – no more worrying about losing or damaging your scorecard. Say goodbye to the hassle of crumpled, stained, or lost scorecards, and hello to a new level of organization and convenience on the course.




iGo Tally Golf Scorecard Holder


The iGo TALLY Golf Scorecard Holder means you can say goodbye to lost, wet, or stained scorecards and broken pencils. Crafted from recycled polymer, the Tally is long lasting and durable. Sized to fit easily into your back pocket, this modern scorecard holder is both functional and stylish, a modern take which redefines the category, convenient to carry and use on the go.

Easy to record your score. Just slide the Tally out of your pocket and flip it open. Pop the pencil out of it’s holder. The micro suction grips your card and the durable polymer provides a stable surface for writing. With a satisfying snap shut, your card is protected, whatever the weather.

Use and Care

The micro suction strips will hold any laminated card or paper – sticky notes also work a treat if you need additional note taking space. Place the card in the holder and snap shut – magnets hold the Tally securely shut and the scorecard is gripped in place.

If the micro suction loses some of its bonding power, simply wipe with a damp cloth to remove the dust, allow to dry, and it will work as good as new.


Technical Details

Recycled polymer
W 10.5 cm x L 16.5 cm
Weight 90 gm
Micro suction 2 x strips and 1 x circle
Neodymium Magnets 2 x 10 mm; 2 x 12mm
1 Pencil – 10 cm
Made in UK ®601571


Also part of the iGo Golf Gift Set for the Organised Golfer:

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