iGo Golfer’s Gift Set


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iGo Golfer’s Gift Set helps golfers arrive on their first hole, ready and organised for play – the perfect gift for the organised golfer

The set comprises the iGo TALLY Scorecard Holder, the iGo T-LINK Pitch Repairer and Ball Marker and Tee Holder, plus a carton of 6 iGo TEES:

  • The iGo Tally Golf Scorecard Holder makes it easy to record your score. Just slide the Tally out of your pocket, flip it open and pop the pencil out of its holder. The micro suction grips your scorecard, and the durable polymer provides a stable surface for writing. With a satisfying snap shut, held closed by neodymium magnets, your card is protected, whatever the weather.
  • The iGo T-LINK carries your pitch repairer, metal ball marker and tees easy to hand – no more holes in your pockets! Always ready to tee off, repair a divot or mark your ball.
  • 8 iGo TEES L – 67 mm (2 6/8 “) – biodegradable but durable, friction free, touchpoints for woods and irons, strong points to push into ground – make for consistent use.
  • iGo Labs has a clear mission – all our products are designed with a modern take to make golf simpler and more organised. Made in UK of recycled polymer – available in Blue, Grey or Pink.


Technical Details

Scorecard Holder

  • Recycled polymer
  • W 10.5 cm x L 16.5 cm
  • Weight 90 gm
  • Micro suction 2 x strips and 1 x circle
  • Neodymium Magnets 2 x 10 mm; 2 x 12mm
  • 1 Pencil – 10 cm
  • Made in UK ®601571

Pitch marker

  • Recycled polymer
  • 3 x 6 mm magnets
  • Made in UK ®601573


  • Recycled polymer with bio-degradable additive
  • Tee L – 67 mm (2 6/8 “)
  • 3 x Touchpoints
  • Made in UK ®601572

Additional information


Blue, Grey, Pink