iGo T-LINK – Golf Pitch Repairer Multi-tool


The iGo T-LINK – Our Multi-Tool Golf Pitch Repairer manages your tees, repairer, and metal ball marker. Ensure you have everything you need at your fingertips, ready on the tee… and no more holes in your pockets!




iGo T-LINK – Multi-Tool Golf Pitch Repairer


The iGo T-LINK is an innovative Golf Pitch Repairer Multi-Tool.  Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – the tees nest perfectly in the crook of the divot tool which safely carries the ball marker. No more messing around in your pockets to find the right piece. And no more holes in your pockets!

When held in your hand, you’ll appreciate the idea and the functional design. Supplied with 2 hollow iGo Tees, the tees are biodegradable, very durable, and the touch points for woods and irons bring consistency. Plus the strong points are the final element in the design mix to make the smart Tees easy to use.


Technical Details

Pitch marker

  • Recycled polymer
  • 3 x 6 mm magnets
  • Made in UK ®601573


  • Recycled polymer with bio-degradable additive
  • Tee L – 67 mm (2 6/8 “)
  • 3 x Touchpoints
  • Made in UK ®601572


Also part of the iGo Golf Gift Set for the Organised Golfer:

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