The Art of the Recovery Run

One of the staple elements of an effective running programme is ensuring there’s enough time factored in for recovery. Decades of research has taught us that overtraining decreases performance and increases injury risk, so maximising recovery isn’t just a good idea – it’s vital. A well-used strategy by coaches is the ‘recovery run’- a lower […]

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Minimising Muscle Damage

One of the negative effects of weight training and general exercise is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). That is the muscle pain that kicks in a day or two after an intense training session and can hang around for up to 5 days post exercise. At its mildest, DOMS can be slight discomfort when moving. […]

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Fore of my golf stretches… a Gimmie and a Mulligan!

Mobility is one of the big buzz words in golf at the minute, but still many of us turn up to the 1st tee half swing the 7 iron a couple of times then whip out the driver and wonder why it doesn’t pan out very well. […]

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